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SKD-67 standard type



input voltage

output frequency

input current

(W)output power

output voltage

output frequency






Three phases 220V

20-50Hz or 25-60Hz



function description:


SKD-67 standard type

1.Frequency conversion unit is used for drinking water or non-potable water piping systems with constant pressure.

2.Open the water pump when water begins flowing or the pressure begins reducing (taps open), and close the water pump when water stops flowing (taps close). According to the pressure of system, it adjusts the running speed of pump motor to keep constant pressure.

3.According to the water consumption, it can adjust the operating power of pump automatically to realize the energy efficiency.

4.Stop the pump automatically when it is short of water.

5.Having the buttons of on-off and pressure adjustment.

6.It uses external connectors to make the flow, pressure sensors and other accessories combined perfectly.

7.It is completely isolated from the water while provided with a cooling base for cooling.

8.It use the safety bracket to adapt to a variety of pumps and other special installation environment .




Constant pressure setting: 1-9bar

Allowable max pressure: 10bar

Ambient temperature: 0-60 (no freeze)

Protection grade: IP65




1.Connecting wire used for the power supply of the pump;

2.Color of product appearance;

3.Equipped water pump at buyers requirements


Appearance size


   5 way and accessories
   Installing Bracket
   Pressure sensor and accessories
   Flow sensor accessories

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